Online & Virtual Courses

Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- IREC Training

Crew Leader (CL) Course (Virtual)

The one-week instructor-led virtual Crew Leader course is designed to ensure quality through supervision of the installation and performance of weatherization measures defined in each project’s work scope developed during the auditing/estimating process.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- Classroom Setting

NEAT/MHEA Audit Software (Virtual)

In this four-day course, students learn to use Windows-based National Energy Audit Tool (NEAT) and Manufactured Home Energy Audit (MHEA) software.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- House of Pressure Photos

ASHRAE 62.2 Ventilation Standards (Online)

This one-day (self-paced) online course introduces students to ventilation using a house-as-a-system approach. Students will gain a basic understanding of building science in addition to ventilation.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- Zonal Pressure Diagnostics Course

Zonal Pressure Diagnostics (Online)

This one-day (self-paced) online course teaches students techniques to identify envelope pressure boundaries.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- Introduction to Weatherization course

Introduction to Weatherization (Online)

This is an online course designed for incoming employees of the Weatherization Industry to provide introductory knowledge about mold, moisture, asbestos, and the Kentucky Weatherization Field Guide.

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