In-Person Courses


Multifamily Quality Control Inspector Course

Multifamily Quality Control Inspector is an advanced course for knowledgeable and experienced residential quality control inspectors. The course covers Multifamily Quality Control requirements and techniques, systems identification and analysis, QC reporting, and QC Planning.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- Combustion Appliance Zone Safety

Combustion Appliance Zone Safety (CAZ)

The one-day CAZ training teaches students to diagnose health and safety issues where combustion appliances are in use.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- Building Analyst Course

Building Analyst

This course aligns with the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Professional standards for residential energy auditing. This one week course introduces students to various components of building science, including combustion safety, blower door testing, energy analysis, home performance assessment and effective communication with clients.

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Leakage, Envelope & Ducts (LED)

This one-day course teaches the fundamentals of air movement in residential structures and explores how ventilation relates to overall air leakage.

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Learn Residential Energy Efficiency- IREC logo

Retrofit Installer Technician (RIT) Course

This one-week course covers residential envelope air sealing, HVAC duct sealing, insulation, windows and doors, mechanical ventilation and roofing upgrades in single-family homes and small multi-family housing.

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